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New members are always welcome. Membership is by payment of a subscription. Anyone not wishing to commit to regular attendance is welcome as an occasional visitor for a small charge, which will be deducted from the annual subscription upon joining.



We are affiliated to the Federation of Recorded Music Societies. Click Here for further details of the FRMS.

The Loughborough Recorded Music Society was founded in 1961. It seeks to foster the appreciation of “classical music” through recitals of recordings, to entertain and to provide a background for friendship.


The society normally uses high quality commercial recordings which are reproduced to a high standard. It is also appreciated that the record is an important historical document and, when appropriate, older recordings are introduced.


We can play CD, SACD, 24 bit Hi-Res Audio (FLAC, WAV or DVD) Blu Ray audio, cassette and vinyl (33 or 45 rpm), however we ask that speakers please give us notice in advance if they require formats other than CD.


Meetings are held on the first Friday of each month, except for January and August. They commence at 1.30pm and last for around 2 hours, including a refreshment break. The annual programme also includes a number of social events.


Presenters range from enthusiastic amateurs to professionals; the important thing being that they generate interest and provide entertainment.


Full Annual Membership Subscription (2023 - 2024 Season)


Full Annual Membership (Student Rate 2023 - 2024 Season)


Visitor (Refunded upon joining as a full member)


Visitor (Student rate)




We meet in the Chapter House of St Mary in Charnwood Church at Nanpantan on the first Friday of each month (except for January and August) at 1:30pm.


Car parking is available at the church. The Chapter House is on the ground floor and is fully accessible.






























Note: Please do not enter the postcode for St Mary at Charnwood into your satnav as it will take you to the wrong destination.